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[BBC] ‘The kids emptied our bank account playing Fifa’ – https://is.gd/SmKOpo
[BBC] ‘My son spent £3,160 in one game’ – https://is.gd/ZNMJXk
[Lifewire] Why Is There a Delay in iTunes Store Billing? – https://is.gd/1tFoa1
[Wired] How Online Companies Get You to Share More and Spend More – https://is.gd/W8QGrB
[reddit] /u/RusselCoward – https://is.gd/yYD3fe
[Eurogamer] The Netherlands declares some loot boxes are gambling – https://is.gd/bdGoPz
[Endgadget] Loot crates are now illegal in Belgium – https://is.gd/q3tq7F
[Variety] Players of ‘CS:GO’ in Netherlands and Belgium Can’t Open Loot Boxes – https://is.gd/Yyfmgx
[The Verge] EA will stop selling FIFA’s in-game currency in Belgium because of a ban on loot boxes – https://is.gd/wcwOCf
[BBC] Nintendo removes mobile games in Belgium – https://is.gd/lq0Vfw
[Odin Law] Regulation of Pay-to-Win Microtransactions and Sale of Loot Boxes in Video Games – https://is.gd/2OlTZ4
[Forbes] FIFA Franchise Should Drive Electronic Arts’ Q3 Earnings – https://is.gd/Kgm7ck
[EA Investor Relations] Electronic Arts Reports Q3 FY19 Financial Results – https://is.gd/RIFMDo
[Nikkei Asian Review] Nintendo chases more than profit with ‘Super Mario Run’ – https://is.gd/DfK3wr
[SensorTower] Nintendo’s Mobile Revenue Grew 6% to $85 Million in Q1 2019, Dragalia Lost Boosted Overall Growth – https://is.gd/PkGm0H
[Salary] Frank Gibeau – https://is.gd/nHscmv
[Salary] Riccardo Zacconi – https://is.gd/PIF6JI

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