Marvel’s AVENGERS LEAK Shows BIG Changes, APEX LEGENDS Surprises Cheaters, & More


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Some San Diego Comic Con video game reveals, an new updated Nintendo Switch, and more in a week full of gaming news.

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Apex Legends Cheaters

Avengers stuff:

SDCC GAMEPLAY. Thanks for the patience. ​ from MarvelAvengersProject

Marvel’s Avengers Game New Images Shows Graphical Improvements and Alternate Costumes

Collector’s Edition Confirmed, will include Captain America Statue from MarvelAvengersProject

Black Widow –


Is Thor the King of Asgard/All-Father? from MarvelAvengersProject

Netflix Witcher panel

Updated Nintendo Switch


Nintendo just gave a free Switch and Mario Maker 2 to every single person on my flight to San Diego! Thank you Nintendo and Southwest! from Switch

Xbox Kinect lol

Newark Airport is using Xbox One Kinect as surveillance cameras from xboxone

Borderlands 3 trailer

Before We Leave

Ultimate Alliance 3 expansion



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