Nintendo Announces New Switch with Upgraded Battery – Inside Gaming Daily


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Horrifying Mario on the thumbnail courtesy of Daniel Midholt –

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[Nintendo] Switch Tech Specs –
[Twitter] @Nintendo – “We have posted a notice on a new model of Nintendo Switch whose battery duration has been extended.” –
[Twitter] @NintendoAmerica – New Joycon colors –
[Kotaku] Joy-Con Drift Is Becoming A Real Problem On The Switch –
[Switchbrew] Switch 5.0.0 system update –
[GameRevolution] Torchlight 2 Switch developer hints at Switch Pro while also discussing the porting process –
[YouTube] First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite –
[Wall Street Journal] Nintendo to Launch Two New Switch Models –
[Bloomberg] Nintendo’s Big Rally on China Prospects Hasn’t Scared Off Shorts –

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