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[Youtube, Cogumelo Venenoso] Dr. Mario (NES): Gameplay – HD
[IGN] Dr. Mario World is Fun, But Flawed
[Vice] ‘Dr. Mario World’ Is a Great Game for Two Hours. Then It Wants Money
[The Verge] Dr. Mario World releases a day early
[Gamepur] What Can You Do With Coins in Dr. Mario World?
[Business Wire] Netflix Ranks as #1 in the Reputation Institute 2019 U.S. RepTrak 100 – the Biggest Ever Corporate Reputation Survey in the U.S.
[Sensor Tower] Nintendo’s Mobile Revenue Grew 6% to $85 Million in Q1 2019, Dragalia Lost Boosted Overall Growth
[Sensor Tower] Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Reaches $75 Million, Surpassing Mario and Animal Crossing Lifetime Revenue on Mobile
[Kotaku] Nintendo Is Reportedly Toning Down Micro-Transactions In Its Mobile Games
[Wall Street Journal] Nintendo to Smartphone Gamers: Don’t Spend Too Much on Us
[Nikkei Asian Review] Nintendo chases more than profit with ‘Super Mario Run’
[Sensor Tower] Minecraft Earned $110 Million on Mobile in 2018, Its Best Year Yet
[Venture Beat] Sensor Tower: Pokémon Go made $2.65 billion in three years

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